My Stroll to Find Happiness : at Kagurazaka

My Stroll to Find Happiness : at Kagurazaka

I live in a place where there are many publishing companies, and I love to walk around my neighborhood chatting with my friend.  Nevertheless, there aren’t too many book stores, but I do have a favorite one.

The book store is small, but it has a unique and keen sense for selecting tasteful books and stationery.  It is my favorite pastime to admire their selection and how they display their books.

I usually bring back reading books, but one day I decided to bring back a fashion magazine with a red flower crown on the model’s head on the cover that caught my eye.

I was not sure whether a magazine would be enjoyable to me because I am constantly online reading about fashion.

Despite my worry, it’s editorial design was different from online pages so it was fresh to my eye, and I especially loved the playfully arranged title letters which were placed like waves and triangles.

I was happy to be onto printed materials.