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I hope your life is treating you well.  

This year 2020, is a transformation year for all of us. 

 I, myself, turned into a new decade of my life. I feel I’m a completely different person from 2019, only a year ago.  

Now that I think back, my mind used to be caught up in the moment, worried too much. I never had room to reflect on more than a couple of years ago.  

This year, to be correct, this October 22nd working a mundane part-time job, I suddenly want to collect scattered memories of my dog Beldy. He lived with my family in my elementary school to high school years.

His name is an answer for my Starbucks passcode, and I post his pic on my MacBook background, he has been around me all these years, but I never really put together his memories.

Serendipity, a zin gallery, Mount Tokyo, opened its school of zin. I signed up at the last minute.

I just went to a class for once, but it has been really great for me. Meeting new people and having a deadline to complete this project.

Currently, I’m digging up old pictures of Beldy. I am starting to remember so many memories in my life. I’m reminiscent of my younger days.

My zin will be at “MOUNT ZINE 20”

I see you there!


P.S. I created my first zin in 2017. Check it out!

◆「Pu-kunn’s Earlier works」

Pu-kunn, a fashion-loving plush bears essays.


MOUNT ZINE (@mountzine)

2017/07/31 21:30

【ZINE紹介】「作者 : Mari Aoki/タイトル : Pu-kunn’s Earlier works」モードファッションが好きなクマのプッくん目線で書くファッション哲学、2017年後半に流行する服などをテーマにしたエッセー集。

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