Mari Aoki



Hi, This is my “about” page, if you like to see my works, go to my Portfolio page. You can see larger image in adobe Portfolio or Behance.


Little bit about me and my path.  I was born in Yokohama, one of a harbor city of Japan.  In my teens to twenties, I lived in Australia, Canada and U.S.A. and now I’m back to Japan. I enjoyed/survived doing what I love! ART. I carried this passion through out my schooling years.  In order to continue to be an artist, I worked as a graphic and a fashion goods designer in apparel industry. so my career tought my love for art fashion. I love Arts and Fashion.

I enjoy finding beautiful colours, textures, and goodwills in both nature and human creations.  I’m trying to immerse myself in sexy, elegant and funny energy force as long as possible.  With this decision, now I’m drawing and enjoying life in a concrete jungle of Tokyo city.  What about you?