Hello, I’m Mari, living in Tokyo. I’m really blessed to live in this small but exciting corner of the world I find inspirations, humorous, beauties I never go out of ideas that I want to draw.

And I’m really excited that you enjoying your time here on my page. Thank you for checking out my works. Love to hear from you! leave me your comments or contact me anytime. Enjoy!

About my works

My favorite motifs

florals, parks, etc.

I choose to live in the concrete jungle, but I love flowers and greens. I harmonize with nature by drawing and building urban solarium in my atelier.

Teddy bears and beyond

Hey, you! Did you find me through my Instagram? My favorite tags are #plushofinstagram and #plushcommunity

And those of you reading this for the first time, hi. I have a younger brother and he is a plush white #handmade bear.

Happy Stories

Because I’m a Japanese artist, I draw manga.

I hope these good stories come to life sometime.


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I’m not an SNS enthusiast but, yes I do enjoy them.



I’m most active and enjoying the #PlushiesofInstagram


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Updating on how things are going.