Do You Sauna?

Tokyo sauna scene original art for sale
Tent sauna in the city 8.27 in × 13.0 in (210 mm × 330 mm)

the art of sauna is my latest fountain of inspiration

I tried sauna for the first time the last May and now the art of sauna is my fountain of inspiration.

I used to watch people flashing and sweating going in and out of a tiny room and I thought how could that be a relaxation? but now I have experienced a proper three-sets of sauna, a repetition of sitting in a sauna room, going to a cold water bath, and bathing in the fresh air. Now I know it’s nothing quite like it, a sauna gives you a state of relaxation that is almost exciting and addictive. In a nutshell, the Sauna experience is quite different from just looking from the outside. (it is the same as most of the things in the world, isn’t it. )

Night Pool original art

The Tokyo sauna scene is in trend

Tell you the truth, I tried the sauna because it’s a trendy thing to do these days. The new wave of a cool mix of Scandinavian-influenced and good-old-days sauna spots are creating a new wave of sauna culture. I like’em.

Wear this t-shirt for the next session of Sauna.

I joined a T-shirt DIY printing event and my work is #175 Tokyo Sauna Scene.  

You can silk screen my designed sauna T-shirts at the workshop called SURIMACCA summit in the various locations in Osaka, Tokyo, and Taiwan.

Tokyo Sauna scene T-shirts

Osaka: Thur. Jun. 23rd 2022ーWed Jul. 5th ※ a tentative date
Tokyo: Sat. Jun. 18th, 2022ーFri. July 15th ※ a tentative date

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